ES and NQ moving on Saturday

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  1. I've heard from several people that ES and NQ were trading on Saturday (3/13) afternoon.

    This guy posted a video of ES moving:

    Pic of the NQ loaded Sunday night:

    The second pic is from Zenfire. I'm not sure what data feed was used for the video.

    Esignal and Tradestation apparently don't show anything unusual.

    So... is this just some kind of weird data feed error (definitely weird for them to be streaming fake live data), or is there a secret PPT/Federal Reserve/Bilderberg Group-only market manipulation session on Saturdays, and somebody at Zenfire forgot to turn off the feed?
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    Yes, I witnessed it myself. ES, and NQ gapped down quite nicely Saturday afternoon :p I knew something was wrong, when the charts were moving, but the time and sales didn't show anything.


    Edit: I'm using Ninja 6.5 with Zenfire.
  3. r-in


    Not just Zenfire, I have TT feed and I'm showing there was trading Saturday. Anyone check with Ninja over the weekend? I just opened up this morning, but will try to post on Ninja forums of no one else has yet.
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    did you make any money?
  5. interesting that it's also on TT feed . . . TF is the only instrument I saw without Sat data, so maybe it's a CME thing
  6. Excellent! The NYSE is going to restore the half-day session on Saturday. That is change we can all believe in! :cool:
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    Ninja was doing testing on Saturday and they say some of the data providers picked up the data they used while testing.
  8. They said Globex was doing the testing, not NT. This might explain why TF didn't have the Sat data.
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    maybe those murky dark pools had a secret session
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