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    Anyone care to guess/ answer how the ES works in such mysterious ways.

    Example market sells off from 74 area all the way down to 66 in a hurry. Comes complete back from 66 to just about 1,174 on close ,very methodical as if computers ( no emotion) buying back up.

    Question becomes how to identify when ALGO A' holes will stop or is this routine? Because I have seen this SCENARIO several times ( once a week anyway). Been trading ES only 8 months.

    If can get on board with them can make money. Seems like a lock, anyone see this more often than I do ?

  2. I noticed it also. But i know the pattern. Watch what happens closely and define a patten for it and you will make $$
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    Yes, but happened on low of day, scary to buy here unless absolute sure these nit wits are program buying. ( I say nit wits because just because they trade like that does not mean they make money long run)

    I watched closely, it happens at different times, not necesarily on close
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    200 SMA on 60M charts has been solid support

    This is not rocket science.......!!!
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    SSo you must make about 50k a week then , because if you "figured " that out the ES can handle a couple million thrown at it in instant and taken back in instant.......

  6. Well what happened was price pierced through the open at 1167.00 by watching the price action i could see the stops getting hit. So i figured price was about to move higher since they took out those stops. Secondly volume spike forming a hammer. A good trade would have been long the preceding bar with a stop at 1166. Knowing that if the hammer failed sellers took control back. And lastly if you look at the RTH chart you can see we filled a huge gap from yesterdays close. So if price bounced which it did issued another long signal. Hope that helps. Like i said i saw a pattern in the price that ive seen time and time again that told me to go long.
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    However I am looking for clues about price formation that trigger me to figure out if ALGOS are in control and how they begin and end.

    I have seen stops go off, reset and go off again at lower levels.

    I think this move was sick because it was after 3:30 which is typically not a place to "trade" a thing
  8. yeah i dont know how to spot an algo. Goodluck with that.
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    Thanks, basically I had been short, covered at a slight loss at 3:30 because I dont trade after 3:30.

    But seems very strange how it just came back.

    I get your point with stops, but I have seen just as often that people go "long" only to get sopped again, unreliable method.
  10. This wasn't algo; it was squaring ahead of an NFP report on Good Friday. I'd suggest an easier market to trade.
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