es after hours

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  1. what was all that buying after hours? ok 1-5 point recovery but 892? after no good news?
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    Insider trading
    Short covering
    profit taking
    news us mere mortals haven't heard yet
    Jim Cramer told his sheeple to short

    Take your pick
  3. 10 of the last 11 Fridays have been positive if Thursday was a down day.
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    Might be autos. Seein somethings about GM merging with Chrysler, however they deny. It might be in Presidents plan to avoid BK, not GM business plan. This is the only forceful news out there right now that I see. Maybe someone likes what is being tossed around. I wish I had a fly on the wall down there.
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    combo of bargain buyers and bailout speculators. Also, Dardin restaurants beet expectations, although LSI lowered guidance...
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  7. You and the rest of the crew on this thread must be "new" to this game.

    Tomorrow is "Triple Witching" and the December S&P futures contract just went off the board. Will settle for cash tomorrow morning with the settlement "print" from the opening.

    Geezus, even my next door neighbor knows THAT!:D

  8. Dec SPX options expired at close

    ORACLE and RIMM earnings "favorable"
  9. R U sure? I thought that they stopped trading at close, and settle with tomorrow's open. Therefore they can be manipulation tomorrow as well before the open.
  10. Options expiration is tomorrow, and some stop trading today. Trading in options can spread to undelying.

    Remember this:

    1. Well before expiration, options might be a derivative.
    2. At expiration or day before it, undelying IS a derivative of the options.

    Pay attention to point 2. I have explained it multiple times on RFT financialtraders blog. You need to understand the game, the whys, and the rules of the game.
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