ES 800 "SUPER SUPPORT"...may NEVER go below it

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  1. ES 800 "SUPER SUPPORT"...may NEVER go below it...I've been studying and studying the ES chart...looks like 800 is the ES super support...most likely, will never dip below 800...would have to have a serious economic event other than what we have had...agree?
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    Fah Q

    I disagree

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    how long have you been 'studying'?
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    i don't know about the ES but i reckon that the S/P will dip briefly to about 750 or below, before we retrace upwards.
  5. okay...state your case and your reasoning as to why will hit 799 and below...lets hear it
  6. If it does go below the "super support" then it will turn into the "super resistance".
  7. enough to come to this strong opinion...what is your take on the ES?
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    Fah Q

    I don't think I need to state my case, you didn't state yours. You only said you've been studying charts and don't believe it will. I, too, have been studying charts and I just disagree with your analysis.

    My best bet would be ES sees in the 600's before its all said and done.

  9. ES and SP500 cash are bascially the same thing...right now...ES is 5.0 below fair value
  10. Lines on a chart do not dictate direction (or at least that much) economic data does
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