ES 8 point drop at 11:22pm?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trader KGB, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Anyone know what caused that sudden 7 point drop in ES just a few minutes ago? 8k lots in 2 minutes, took it from -11 to -18.75.

    Either way, tomorrow does not look good..
  2. glitch
  3. probably because most of the asian markets are down
  4. Glitch my might be in for a long night ST! Mark Cook's predictions might finally be coming to fruition, which means we've got another 20% down room to go!
  5. Surdo


    How many talking ticker threads do we need, so far we have 4.
  6. We have to have at least 5. Someone please start another one.
  7. We need 4....just like we needed 4 different "Bears Stearns closes another fund" thread.
  8. woh that is something
    i think either there are some big player who know something or a bad news is on it way
    Something is going on
  9. We need a couple more Black Wednesday threads.

    If we get more than 5, I'm going long.
  10. Aaron


    *laugh* That's what I was thinking. I just took some profits on some long T-notes and short EuroFX and was wondering if I would kick myself in the morning for not taking all my profits, or if I would kick myself in the morning for not letting the whole trade ride. In either case, I'm not looking forward to the morning!

    All the "this could get ugly" posts are my kind of buying opportunity, but keep some powder dry -- the market can always get cheaper.
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