Es +4%

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  1. ES +4%
  2. JamesJ


    uhhh aahhh...
    us government intervening every weekend (bailing out, providing money), and every week monday down...

    first time nothing out of US and Europeans doing something...

    market +4%...
  3. Do you REALLY think that nothing was accomplished this weekend at the G7 meeting?

    Don't be so naive.
  4. JamesJ


    well, i think that move is mostly (ok, not only but mostly) due to the interventions of the European union, proposed by sarkozy)...

    it's all about confidence, and who would you trust...
    sarkozy and merkel, or paulson and bernanke...

    no i really think the european plan will work, although it's unclear how much it will cost...
    always easy to say to guarantee bank loans and so on... but everyone knows it would just be too much for a country if things really go bad...

    that's why swiss government does NOT guarantee anything above 30k and expressed that it makes no sense to do so, cause it will bring uncertainty and in the end they wouldn't be able to do so anyway... (and hey, what's good about tax payers paying back tax payers money.. it would just be another "take from the average and poor" and give to the rich...)
  5. Watch out currencies are going to get a tough time this week. You see we now have some countries guaranteeing ALL bank deposits without any upper limit while other countries have limits.

    Risk is that this will force some depositors to move funds to the countries that guarantee all deposits.
  6. Here comes the suckers rally to lure in the remaining greed and knife catchers and bottom guessers.
  7. Oh they sure did accomplish something......"Globalist (wealth transfer) Games 2008" halftime puppet show!!! :eek:

    :D :D :D
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    One thing I learned is that there is always an opportunity.

    It's better to wait for the second bottom.
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