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  1. wow craziness, i think we are likely to see a rate cut tomorrow, this is unacceptable during an election year, market must be good during election year so that people can really listen and focus on the truly enlightening speeches made by Mccain and Palin.
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    I hope you are kidding...
  3. about what:D
  4. Surprise rate cut tomorrow to goose markets for 6 weeks.. into the election?

    Wouldn't be that much of a surprise.
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    What does everyone want?

    .25 or .50

    heck make it a 1% cut.


    thats going to save the market or maybe prop it up a bit.

    expect new lows this week.
  6. 50 beeps prolly coming BUT...

    It's clear that Paulson has told the Investment Banks to go fuck themselves, and in return, the IB's have given the finger to Paulson by unloading on the equity markets.

    The big question for tommorrow, is if the Fed holds pat, how high does the USD go, and will bonds crash?
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    Well in less volatile times, I would expect the curve to steepen with no rate cut, and to flatten with a rate cut.

    However given recent volatility - I'm not placing a trade in that space.

  8. Nah, I'd rather hear "Yes, we can!" and "Hopes, Dreams and Living Off Other People's Taxes" type speeches. They remind me of snake oil investment seminars...

  9. they can't let that happen, even today with the notion of US finance going down the shitter dollar is not really going down the drain it is pretty stable that give's the fed ability to cut AT LEAST .25%.

    Apparently the new law in Cali passed in july effective 8/09/08 will cause a temporary "bottom" in foreclosures in the state of Cali., which represents 45% of all nations sub prime problem by dollar value so far. , this coupled with a .25-.5 cut would be perfect for a rally into elections.

    here is the blog this guy has been spot on for the last 12 months
  10. Yeah, Mr. Mortgage is great...
    25 beeps won't be will perk up the dollar but bonds should sink on the news...
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