ES 10 deep DOM on each side?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by sandygray66, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. This morning my DOM on Tradestation is giving 10 deep per side, yet my DOM on Ninja/Mirus/Zen-fire is the normal 5 deep per side.

    Is this something new coming from the CME (I couldn't find an announcement on the CME website), or is TS' data screwed up?
  2. vita


  3. Thanks Vita...didn't see that thread. Looks like ZF has chosen not to display the full 10 deep yet.
  4. Musashi


    Yes 10 deep from today

    On X trader

    Settings> properties> trading (tab) > Maximum Depth levels - set to 10

    X-trader will need to restart
  5. Dominic


    Anyone know if NinjaTrader has 10 deep or still just 5?

  6. tom438


    10 deep depth of market is completely worthless.

    What value is there to know what is supposedly bid or offered 2.5 points away from the market?

    Limits and stops can be canceled at anytime prior to execution.

    Why not show DOM 100 deep? It would be worth the same nothing.
  7. u rite

    bet none o' da boxes even be lookin at it.

    i mean, es neva move 2.5 points, thats like a weeks move.

    u rite. here's yer prize

  8. tom438


    Thank you for da priz, but mabe you shuld kepe et.