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  1. Here's the ES strategy that turned me profitable

    always trades the same size

    put it on with a one point target

    use no stops

    you can always get the one point target, although sometimes it takes a while

    hit rate is 100%

    any questions post here
  2. 1) Have you seen the "Russian roulette" scene with Christopher Walken from the movie, The Deer Hunter? :confused:
    2) Your use of the word, although, should give you pause. :eek:
    3) You'll eventually get really "hit" and have a 100% chance of never trading again. :(
  3. yes, but by then all my one point profits will more than make up for my big loss
  4. Yes, of course! The profits will occur BEFORE the big loss. It always works that way. :cool:
  5. how do you know they won't?
  6. Doesn't this assume there really is no stop?
    If however it's an intraday strategy that does have a time stop (i.e flat by the close), and which only takes a single daily trade say at the open, there might be a positive average trade over time ... but possibly not, and certainly not worth the low return and nasty drawdowns along the way (a single 30+ point day that only went one direction off the open, would set you back over a year!).
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    I have seen similar systems, they last many months until the one trade blows up the entire account. See you do have a stop, its called your account balance. You just deceive yourself into thinking you don't have a stop.

    Actually, in ES you can have a very high win% with equal risk vs reward that is more than 1 point.

    On tracking sites, you will see systems with high win % over 95%, but I have seen 100% of them blow up over time after tricking many subscribers into losing both their fees and their entire accounts.
  8. Daring


    Very Dumb post.

    Even if you do not blow up, which is unlikely, but possible.

    You not taking into consideration the amount of time you sitting
    and hoping for those 50 bucks, could take hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, and if rollover is taking into account, not even 50.
  9. no, there is no stop at the end of the day, it can go on for days or weeks or months, but you always hit your target, even if you have to roll out.
  10. Assuming for a minute that you are serious:

    1) how long have you been using this system?

    2) what's been your worst drawdown?

    3) what's been your longest time in a trade?

    4) are you and emg the same person? :cool:
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