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  1. Long this fallen angel.
  2. amazing risk. i commend you
  3. Choad


    I got thumped by that rascal... :(

    <img src="">
  4. looking at that chart it seems like most of the risk is out of it...
  5. Oops, commodities getting dumped, ERS is whacking me in the head.
  6. The ONLY time that statement is true is when the stock is at $0. :D

  7. True but its closer to $0 than it is to the highs at $64! :p
  8. Good old ERS....I was the taker today...Picked up a nice block today at 18.50....Holding for a trade, but will dollar cost around 16 if we go lower.....I don't think I was the only one purchasing today....Look at the 1st increase in Money Flow for today, also P/E Ratio of 18 is where it bounced on the 24th at a price of 18.50....Hence this is why I had my order set up at this price....I believe this may be some type of short term support level and I'm not claiming that the stock V-lines back to 60, but 25 could be very reasonable given the stock's volatility and a large increase in short positions covering...

    Needless to say I'm trying to call another bottom!!!

  9. Just keeping up with this ERS trade.....I added today at 17.05 to the ERS position....I dollar costed the 18.50 purchase on 6-1-2006 at a 3:1 ratio today.....My position is open @17.41 and I am looking for a retracement to 22-25 level by August or later...

    ..I plan on adding more shares around the $15.00 level at a 5:1 ratio of the original size for a open position of 16.07.....

    Did the chart fool me on 6/1/2006.....YES it did!!!!----Still looking for a bounce back, but this may end up costing a pretty penny If it keeps droping with the market....

  10. This happened much faster than expected.....Filled at 15.00

    WOW I have a lot of this stock....
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