ERROR: Order would cross related resting order

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  1. Hi,

    When I run exacly same version of my trading platform against edemo (for 2 weeks), everything runs smoothly. However, when I run it against real trading account I start getting following error (after 10-20 mins).

    "Order would cross related resting order"

    Do you guys know what's usually causing this error to occur? Is it maybe some TWS setting that I have to change?

    To be even more mysterious IB tech support is not 100% sure why this is happening... they are still investigating it!

    Thanks a lot
  2. I once used a trading system that generated that behavior a lot. If I remember correctly, here's the setup that caused the error.

    I have a position in XY (long stock).
    I put in a market sell order pre-open (e.g. 9am eastern time) however the order was set to fill at the open, not fill during pre-market (order properties)

    My system would give me another signal pre-open, so on top of the first order I'd enter a new limit order on XY that was generated as part of that activity (again long stock). As soon as I would transmit that order I would generate the error "cross related resting order". (which meant that the resting order [sell market @ open] was in conflict with the newly entered limit order [long xy @ whateverprice])

    Maybe you find some similarities.

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  3. Thanks for your reply... I use only limit orders and I trade ES... insinde and outside regular trading Hours...

    I Agree... This occurs when my orders are in conflict... But why IB doesn't execute both orders anyway?

    What was solution for your issue?
  4. promagma


    It is exchange regulation (trading with yourself could be used for market manipulation)

    No reason to do it anyway, you need to fix your system.