erroneous trade by Goldman Sachs?

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  1. 11:23 ET Market tank blamed on erroneous trade by Goldman Sachs -- rumor
  2. Yup, hearing the same... hope there aren't too many of these "mistakes" because we wouldn't want to shake the confidence of the market, would we?
  3. Where are these firms hiring their clerks from, Burger King's rejected applicants lists???
  4. 11:29 ET Dow quickly rebounds 25 pts; Goldman Sachs futures desk error blamed for intraday rollover :
  5. It's not exactly roaring back.
  6. Love to see them say it again...

    "oops we made another error today....sheesh.. we stink"
  7. LOLOL!
  8. UVLC


    Another "mistake" on the "sell" side? Have we seen as many on the "buy" side? Any stats out there?
  9. Very true, isn't it??
  10. I hope we go to the highs of the day again - someone seems intent on killing the golden goose :D
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