Ernie Els

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  2. Same for Adam Scott.
  3. jem


    Adam Scott once cloned Tiger Woods' swing.
    Now Tiger would love to clone Scotts'
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    I felt bad for Adam Scott, but at the same time felt happy that Steve Williams didnt win...... the way he has handled his break up with Tiger is classless, and with tiger blowing up today, if he would have won it just would have given the ass hole more ammo to thumb his nose at tiger..... Steve Williams needs to realize that he is a CADDY not a golfer, he benefited more from Tiger's glory days than anyone.

    I like Els, he is a standup guy......
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  6. Yeah, Williams is an arrogant ass, but I'm not sure it's fair to root against Adam Scott just so that Williams doesn't get to gloat about it. I think a better reason to have rooted against Scott would be the belly putter and the anchoring that it allows. The number of short putts that would be missed by all the "yippers" without that device would be off the charts.
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    The sad fact is that Ernie has gone the same way. I would loved to have seen Scott win, but as crazy as it seems, I was waiting for "something' to happen.

    Why didn't he pull out his driver on the last and simply blast, because he was driving so well all day.

    20-20 hindsight :mad: for that stinker ( 3 ft) of a put on 15...more or less said it all .

    I walked away from the tv before his put on 18...could not watch.

    As much as I like Scott, these frigging putters have to be banned,.It simply is not right.:mad: