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  1. Has anyone tried ErlangerQuote, and if so, what do you think of it?
  2. i have used is pretty good if you are into scanning the market with formulas of your is probably the easiest software to build custom formulas can use the formulas in quote sheets or charts.
    it is a little expensive.$80 plus you need qcharts data.another $80.and is a little buggy but they do have a free trial.overall i would recomend it over tradestation for everything but does take a good system though.i used a p800 with 512k and win 2000 and anything over 200 symbols would peg the cpu.
  3. EQ has some interesting features, but it is still a MCS (massive CPU sucker).

    There've been some improvements, but it still suffers from being the old Ravenquote code (which was pretty amateurish) - it's "plugin API" was horrible and it was a total resource pig.

    For $80/month you get a still buggy lumbering piece of software and you have to put up with Erlanger's holier than thou attitude.

    Personal opinion of course, but unless you absolutely need the few unique features, you might want to keep looking.

    Good luck.
  4. I'm using it now and the support stinks! I'll call about something and they have an attitude like I' bothering them. I sent many emails and had 1 response.

    I guess they don't know who I am.........
  5. jem


    I dropped it but I miss it and I might go back to it. It did not get a holier than though attitude but I did drop it shortly after the price hike which I would have tolerated had they made it less buggy. Perhaps this is what AA meant. I still have not found, Tradestation graphs and third party support, Investor R/t scanning ability, and realtick's ability to sort through lists quickly in one package. Might as well throw Fibonacci trader in there to cause it has its own strengths. At times I had to get them all. By the way you still need a good interface for execution on top of the above. What the industry needs in a chartist, scalper, scanner, programmer all rolled into one person so he can design a winner. I have friends working on it but they got sucked into that crap and lost a great deal of time. I have given a little input to some friends who say they are going to do it but I will believe when I see it.
  6. Neil


    I used EQ for a decent while and liked many aspects of it and never really found it too much of a drain on my pc.. I think the charts are excellent and the formula engine and interface good too. Drawbacks were the qcharts feed that has been fairly well blasted here already.. sometimes perfect but too often letting me down at critical points always of course.. Their support stinks.. try posting a mildly critical message on the erlangerquote yahoo board and see where it gets you! lol

    My fav so far in the never ending quest for decent software, is esignal feed with Investor/RT charting..