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  1. I would like some feed back with regards to Erlanger Quote
  2. Even though I liked RQ, increasing the fees from 40 to 80 seem like a bit much,

    Yes it is ONLY another 40$, What is that compared to the $ you can make on 1 trade.the problem is that you can only stretch that logic so far. YES I can lease a Porche 911 coz it could only be $700 per month which could only be 3 day trades.. yes....

    Anyway there are other competitors costing 20% less which does most and a couple which does more.
  3. js1257


    GAT which ones have you tried and which one do you recommend?
  4. HEre are the ysstems I tried and am currently using on a 3 month 'lease'

    Ensign-cheapest but need programming aptitude in Delphi. $29/mo. IOW, you have an idea for a custom indicator but it might take you 2-4 days just to look up the syntax of what you need to do.

    Linnsoft-65/ but prepay 3 months. I like this a lot since very robust and stable and been in existense since 90's which means a lot of the nice to have's requested by the traders are already there as opposed to the newer ones which are releasing version every 2 months since most of the nice to have's are not there yet.

    Neoticker-50 per. Seems ok but the nice to have's are not there as much as linnsoft.

    Good luck