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  1. I carshed and burned this week, and will admit it. Should have been short the Dow, SPX, and qqqq... It was my money, as well as my client's. A single client with a 5MM Advisory account, down 2%. You do the math...

    So I deciided to unwind, and hope to take a little stress off with a confession. I see a bunch of you busting on Erin Burnette of CNBC, buy I'll have to say, I'd love to see her in a two piece bikini, and then...Naked!!! Couldn't help that one! LOL!!!!!
  2. She's one of the few people on CNBC that doesn't back down from Kudlow on the subprime issue.

    That blonde that anchors On The Money kisses Kudlow's ass and I can't stand her (bulging eyes).

    And Erin is hot, too.

    May you recoup all of your losses and much more.
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    The whole crew is annoying, especially with these new panel discussions on the dow dropping like it did. All of them do not believe in Recession or a correction all they hear is cha ching, cha ching, bull market here bull market there. They always have these segments now on how you could make money in the markets expecially with cramer still touting his picks. This bull market has been long and strong for 4 years, this week was bound to happen.
  4. If you were a stalker, you could join Reebok Sports club at w. 67th st. and show up around 5:30pm and watch her work out. I'm just sayin'....
  5. LOL!!! I wouldn't do that. But wouldn't mind running to her at a nice club in NY.

    I bet that's pure high maintenance all the way! You'd probably want to buy contracts on gold as a hedge against future price increases just to keep her in jewelry! LOL!!
  6. That would be pretty cool. Not to stalk her. But I'd like to see her do her aerobics just the same.:cool:
  7. So true! It was poised to bite a few asses.
  8. I appreciate it bro! I guess I can handle being down 2% versus what we ended the week with. 4% down? Not sure. After watching thirty minutes of Kudlow, I got ill with him, and turned off the financial porn on CNBC.
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    She is off limits, Mark Haines gives her his hardhat and she gets some knees pads and its squirt on the street at 10am.
  10. 2% down? No big deal. Most money managers did worse. If your clients can't tolerate a 2% drawdown, well then . . . .

    You'll be fine.
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