Erin Burnett

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  1. Am I the only one that can't stand this "lady"? She has made CNBC completely unwatchable for me.

    Anyone else? Don't have a clue how she tracks.
  2. Erin made it unwatchable for you?

    CNBC lost me waaaay before Maria 'Big Ass' Bartiromo made her debut.

    Woooh! She Got a Big Ass!!!

    Bloomberg. No nonsense. Data and informed opinion.
  3. had been with Dish for a very long time. Did not have a choice.

    Now that I get bloomberg- my headaches have gone away.
  4. IMO- Becky Quick is more attractive and much better at her job.

    Thanks for the article.
  5. In all fairness.

    F^&k CNBC and the horse it rode in on.


    Especially f^&k the anii who think those sound effects are not gay.
  6. Dylan Ratigan is a stuttering, stammerin' fool.
  7. No worries

    For some reason they seem to be grooming Erin as the next face of NBC/CNBC.I recently upgraded my TV to a 50" HD TV and when I tested it with CNBC I was surprised at her big old moon-face,quite scary actually.

    Don't know if you caught Celebrity Apprentice but when it got to the final stages they had the nerve to send her and that other useless bastard Cramer to conduct some sort of formal interview,I remember thinking it should be the other way around!

    Becky is more attractive but I reckon the best chick on the channel is Rebecca Jarvis,very pretty girl.A small piece of trivia,did anyone know that Rebecca Jarvis was the runner-up on The Apprentice 4 back in 2005?
  8. sho-tim


    I have the solution for Erin Burnett.

  9. Erin wore out her welcome faster than your unemployed brother in law and his two dogs. A year ago the news was full of articles about how she was the new money chick and had pushed Mario into the background. Now few can stand her. I know I can't. They'd be better off putting the Wolfman on. Better hair, plus he actually knows something.
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