Erin Burnett talking up Traders Tax

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  1. AGAIN! AUGH!!!!!!!
    I gotta stop watching this shit.:mad:
  2. Try an experiment, unplug your tv, put it in the garage, cancel the cable. Try to go without tv for six months, if you think your life was better with it resubscribe, if not just live without it. I gave up tv two years ago and now just watch it when I go to my parents, or my girlfriends parents. My girlfriend's daughter has a wonderful imagination and instead of watching tele she spends her time writing and drawing. She is going places for sure.
  3. That's what I think many (including myself) will do from now on. She deserves a drop in ratings. And really, would you miss Cramer in his lunch time clown routine? :p
  4. AyeYo


    x infinity

    TV really is the waste of time brain rot that our parents told us it was.
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    I am boycotting CNBC as well. Firstly, it's a bunch of freaking morons ranting and raving trying to "out Cramer" Cramer.

    Secondly, when one of your main anchors is too stupid to realize that this tax would put an end to CNBC and thereby her job, I really can't respect this channel.

    I now listen to Bloomberg while in my care (Sirius) and that's it.
  6. A trader tax might benefit some people on this board. It would eliminate many professional trading programs and strategies which people on this board cannot compete with anyways. Of course, it depends on whether "professionals" get exemptions and the size of the tax.

    If one's profit goal is for half a point or more and longer than a few seconds then a nominal tax might be a positive.
  7. Keep drinking that kool-aid!
  8. exactly....there is no f ing benefit to any tax on trading! i hold medium to short term trades...but even then a transaction tax will hurt and guess what! the trickle down is if i make less i spend less= contraction....kool aid ur a RE-...Tard..

    i was born in the USA!
    Why do so many idiots in this country like and vote for more taxes!!!! Taxes only benefit the Government!!!!!!

    in cities, counties, and across the nation the new idea seems to be that taxes are good!!! this is ASSANINE!!!!!!!!!!!! and idiots are voting for them.

    i am not sure what f'ing cool aid people are drinking...or wtf is in our drinking supply, but taxes are BAD people..even if the tax does not directly affect you...there is a trickle down effect!! somehow or another you will be inadvertently negatively affected!!!

    Trading tax bad...pleasure tax bad city taxes are 7.8 % in some taxes...bad...everything is taxed taxed taxed....and why do so many people..even here on this trading site say taxes are this run by the government!!!!!
  9. By killing the specialist, one might fill his niche. Less competition is better. Think of the spike fills. I admit that this idea is theoretical and could be wrong.
  10. electric koolaid your last post truly shows what a moron you are! killing the specialists.. you think you lose at trding due tot he specialists.. are you serious.. think of the spike thik of the taxes that will eat away your profit.. think of the spike fills when you are wrong on a trade.. think of the spiek fills getting in and getting out= more slippage.. please do yourself a favor as well as all of us and cut off both of your hands.. start with your right.. no dummy your other right!!!!! cutt hem off so no one has to even see your stupidity. it is painful for me to even see what you write
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