Erin Burnett should be a housewife in NJ, taking her kids to ball practice

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  1. You have to be more polite than that. CNBS doesn't want you as an audience. Sorry.
  2. muller


    Shit I really don't watch that much cnbc. So missed some rousers.
    Other than that I really like her. She's a capitalist-minded gal just minding her company.
  3. clacy


    This guy has to be smarter than that though. You can't expect to talk to one of CNBC's heavy hitters like that. Especially if you want to be on air to pump your book.
  4. lol.. actually genius here.. this video will have tens of thousands of views on youtube for many years to come.
  5. Lethn


    I agree anyone who pisses all over someone talking bullshit on T.V is bound to get lots of support, people are just sick of all the liars that are just out to spread their propaganda nowadays.

    I personally am glad to see all these conflicting opinions, before the recession everyone always agreed with each other and would pretty much actively stamp out anyone that disagreed with them. Now people like Peter Schiff are hailed as martyrs instead simply for showing a shred of honesty.
  6. This french guy is a phD and rocket scientist I believe. His structured finance book on Amazon has 5 stars.

    It appears that he has never lived in a car, while at least one of the folks at CNBC can't say that.
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  8. Sylvain needs to understand and appreciate the jungle he enters before beating his chest. Perhaps he is a smart guy and perhaps he sees the world through his holier-than-though perspective, but he can't hide behind his pocket-protector while a panel member of the CNBC's "who's who". In street smarts, Kramer and crew have the advantage, but Kramer is a showman and the rest of the staff do tend to wear "rosy" glasses.....then again, they all read from the teleprompter so they simply follow the ad dollars...
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    You should watch more because she is a 24k idiot, even if she is a Williams grad.

    I'll start and end with the fact that she is totally for a transaction tax.

    Some capitalist...
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