Erin Burnett gets married

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    At City Hall!!!!!!!

    Erin Burnett Is Off The Market
    By Bess Levin

    Lost over the holidays was the monumental news that former CNBC anchor Erin Burnett made things official with Citi managing director David Rubulotta.

    Burnett wore a red dress to the ceremony at City Hall, explaining: “We’re very casual. I love how at City Hall people come in everything from wedding gowns to jeans. It’s so mellow and chill, just how we like it.”

    The reception took place at Atlantic Grill, where the bride changed into a gold, floor-length beaded gown, and was accompanied by many friends and family.

    If anyone missed the occasion– lookin’ at you, Mike Corbat!–, remember that you have up to a year to send a gift. The couple is apparently a big fan of Christmas so a set of elves or a coupon good for a night of caroling with Vikram Pandit would be a big hit.
  2. funny get into media and retire with a banker... get into politics and get a job afterwards with Goldman.. debatchery at its best..
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    She did use to work at Goldman. So I'm sure all the bankers know her well. :)
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