ericy trade busted long @ 20.52

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mark1, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. mark1

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    I got filled @ 20.52 200 shares at 11.26 ET
    sold @ 25.78 ( I knew this was too good to be true)
    5 mins later IB TWS , shows I'm short 200..... hu ho
    covered @ 25.96

    I should be ok right ?, I just lost $40

    whohoo , i was the king for 5 minutes :D
  2. Yes you were, yes you were. Pat yourself on the back and take yourself out.
  3. mark1

    mark1 Guest

    confirmed by IB
    trade busted..... now i don't wanna think what would have happened if iI wasn't around my PC..... wheew
  4. mark1

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    rofl :p
  5. dude has 154 posts and trades 200-lots- ROFLMAO !!!!!! piker city!!!
  6. mark1

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    I said i got a fill for 200 shares, I didn't say how many shares my order was originally.

    It was my first trade busted in 6 years of trading.
    And it was a + $1000 in a 1 min trade.

    Well ok we know, you spend that amount of money just for a pair of shoes.
    Lucky you!

    whoa ,it tooks only 10 posts to understand how things work around here, wtg!

    see you in 6 years
  7. I've been trading for 5 years and I trade Size- usually 2-5K shares/ trade. how can you make money on 200 lots??
  8. I once got filled on a 4000 share buy order$82 dollars below the market. I was the MAN for 30 minutes or so.
  9. Bob111


    stupid question for 5 years of trading..

    if you trade that long, you should remember times, when stock prices was $100-1000 in average. it was not so long ago.
    you can trade something like this-

    or you can make plenty of money, if you average profit 10-15%...
    did not see any reason to ROFLMAO on people trading 200 shares. specially from 5years pro like you are)))))))))
  10. Turok


    By using a different strategy than the one you use.

    Wacko is right.

    #10     Mar 24, 2004