Eric Cantor the sly one, insider trader ban does not apply to family of congress

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  1. House majority leader, Republican Eric Cantor's office wrote the House version, this language was shifted to a different section of the bill. The change meant that spouses and dependent children weren't subject to the new reporting requirements.

    Lawmakers proclaimed that the bill, officially called the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act, would restore trust in government. It also applied new rules to some employees of the executive branch.

    But CNN uncovered that the law that members of Congress thought they voted for earlier this year isn't exactly as advertised. A loophole could still allow family members of some lawmakers to profit from inside information.

    The STOCK Act requires that any trades of $1,000 or more made on or after July 3 have to be reported to the House and Senate within 45 days. But the House and Senate have two completely different interpretations of that rule
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  3. if what you're saying is true then... lol. :p
  4. You want an edge in trading? Run for congress or have a family member that does.

    There is this curious fact: Members of Congress do demonstrably better on the stock market than average investors. There's no plausible reason why this should be so other than that Members use their inside knowledge about legislation under consideration to place informed bets on the stock market.

    Abnormal Returns from the Common Stock Investments of the U.S. Senate
  5. Cunts like Cantor is why we're up shit creek. I say drag the turd out and beat him to a pulp. The sad irony is that people who vote in cunts like these are the ones we see in tv running around holding placards calling for revolution in government.
  6. Anyone who votes in Cantor or any of those other fucks is most likely far too busy with American Idol or America's Got Talent to be parading around as such.
  7. for the most part I'm a hardcore conservative libertarian, but that guy Cantor represents everything that is wrong with the human race, everytime I hear him talk he makes me feel like I am trying to buy a car in his used car lot.

    He has a pretty good democrat running against him this year, old military guy.

    Doubt they can unseat him, but it will be a good day for America when he is selling vacumn cleaners on late night infomercials.