Eric Bolling: D****bag

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    FOX Anchor Insists There Were No Terrorist Attacks Under Bush...24 Hours Later Furiously Backtracks

    On Wednesday on FOX's new show 'The Five', co-host Eric Bolling said that there had been no terrorist attacks under George W. Bush.

    "America was certainly safe between 2000 and 2008. I don't remember any terrorist attacks on American soil during that period of time."

    Naturally this raised some eyebrows.

    That Eric Bolling would say something idiotic is not exactly a surprise. The "hoodlum in the hizzouse" about Obama's visit with an African leader was courtesy of Bolling, as was calling Obama's nominee For Commerce Sec. a "eco-terrorist," as was the tweet about Obama "chugging 40's" in Ireland during the Joplin tornado.
    And that's the short list.

    Last night Bolling attempted to dial back on the remarks, blaming the "petty" "radical liberal left” for pouncing in him.

    And certainly there is an argument to be made for ignoring a person who continually says stupid things on TV in the hopes that it will improve his career, because alas that appears to be exactly what Bolling has (incrementally) managed to do.

    However, this is exceptionally stupid. So here's video of Bolling apologizing. Sort of. "Obviously, I meant in the aftermath of 9/11." Indeed.

    However, worth noting Bolling finds himself in good company. Giuliani once made a similar statement, followed by some furious back-tracking.

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  2. I think he's a douche for a different reason. i remember an interview where somebody asked him how hard trading was. He said something to the effect of.. "anybody can trade" "just your losses short"

    So stupid.
  3. You'd think a guy working on the floor of the NYMEX that day would know better than to make a claim like that.
  4. pspr


    He's obviously thinking, since 9/11. He just misspoke like your glorious leader, Obama, does all the time.
  5. "America was certainly safe between 2000 and 2008. I don't remember any terrorist attacks on American soil during that period of time."

    I don't think his "retraction" actually addresses what he actually said. It was just a "fuck you, liberals" more than anything else. Classy guy.

    In other news, the Titanic had a marvelous voyage. Of course, I'm referring to pre-iceberg.
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    That guy made more money trading nat gas in one day then you in your entire life. Yeah, he probably took 50 million plus with him after he left the floor.

    Should he be hosting a talk show? No, of course not. But he could trade you under the table with both eyes closed while drunk.
  7. It seems that's how he prepares for his on-screen performances.

  8. and what does that have to do with my comment? i dont get it.
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    His advice was valid. Trading is easy. As a guy whose has watched a lot of traders blow out over the years, not a one of them lost money because they bet the wrong way based on squiggly lines. They blew out because they couldn't manage their risk.
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    Perhaps, but you could say the same for most of the MSNBC crowd. At least with Eric you can say he doesn't have a journalism background unlike the morons on MSNBC who actually have journalism degrees and actually should know how to do their job
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