ergotron quad-monitor stand----$215

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  1. Priced to sell.

    I am in Chicago so prefer not to hassle with shipping, so a Chicago buyer would be nice.

    willing to ship otherwise but shipping will cost u whatever it will cost me, including the box.

    The item is in perfect condition (including tons of washers)
  2. Which model? DS100? The one like
    __ __

    $75 bid. local pickup. cash
  3. $215
  4. I wouldn't have offered that if this wasn't a trading forum. No point getting emotional about your trading. I offered what would make sense to me. If that doesn't work for you, just pass. Or make a counter.

    Edit: Actually, you did counter. Yesterday night. That was fair. I could see you were ticked :D But didn't realize how much till you researched and complained about insult and all :cool:

  5. Shame on me, I should have known better to ET to sell something.
  6. rodmike9 is it listed on ebay?

    It doesn't look like it would be hard to make one. But I said the same thing about a car mount computer stand, then when I got to my shop and started the design I said heck with this and ordered a new one, which was a good decision.
  7. I listed it on Amazon. I am sure u can build one of these however, this stand is really constructed well. There is a good reason why u don't see very many of these stands sell for much less than retail.
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