Ergotron Quad and 24s?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by punter, Jan 15, 2010.

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  2. I have this exact set up in my office. I bought it and PC from small hedge fund a couple of months (they bought it brand new).

    It replaced my 2 side by side monitors which I now use at home.

    Here is my one complaint: Getting your seat height right relative to the monitors is critical. I find myself stretching my neck a lot upwards to see stock quotes in the upper monitors or staring downwards to look at the quotes toward the bottom of the screen on the lower one.

    Also, because you are staring from such a sharp angle, the detail on the upper monitor gets blurred. I prefer my 25.5 and 24 inch home set up to my 4 X 24inch work set up.

    That said, my colleague at work has the same quad setup with zero complaints.

  3. Sounds like your monitors have TN panels... should be better with some other, like IPS.
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    thanks for the answers
  5. The main problem with the quad ergotrons is that it is very difficult to tilt the top monitors down, which makes viewing somewhat difficult. I recommend the Atdec VISIDEC Freestanding Quad Stand instead. I have 24" Samsung monitors mounted on it and am able to tilt the top monitors down and the bottom monitors in so that my markets are all close for viewing.