Ergotron help DS100 vertical

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by forsalenyc, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Can anyone confirm that Ergotron DS100 vertical dual-monitor stand (part # 33-091-200) supports upto 24" LCDs? some sites say it supports upto 20" and others say 24". also is it possible to get additional pole/clamps and turn it into quad or more? I used these in the office, but looking for a home setup. does anyone have any negative comments regarding this item? is there competition? what's the best price on this? thx
  2. I have that model with 20'' monitors and am pretty sure by looking at it that you'd have no problem with 24''.

    Another competing product which I'll try next is...

    free shipping and less expensive than ergo.

    As far as turning it into a quad stand, you're better off either buying a complete quad stand or just put 1 dual stand next to the other. Parts are too expensive relative to the complete units.