ergotron alternatives

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dividend, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Hello. Are there any reputable alternatives to Ergotron products (monitor stands)? The stands can cost as much as or more than the monitor, so something's not right about that.
  2. plenty of alternatives. but ergotron is great. atdec has a hex stand, but doesn't curve. most stands are expensive.
  3. There's nothing 'not right about that'. You are talking about the stand that is going to hold your investment into monitors. Now, if you are going get the best monitors, you will want a stand that is going to hold them with no problem. Would you be happy to come home one day and see your cheap stand had fallen and now your expensive monitors are broken?

    Here's what I use:

    And while spending 600 bucks or so on the stand seemed like a larger expense at the time, this stand is perfect for 6 monitors. It's free standing so there is no mounting required and I can easily adjust the monitors with no problem.