Erase my posts and ban me please

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  1. Erase my posts and ban me please.

    Many neo-con members would agree... so do it for them and not me.

    +1 me so I can get banned.
  2. What about the posters who bothered resopnding to your posts, they will look dumb talking to themselves.
  3. True... but this site has zero legitimacy as a trading site. Maybe as a spam source to trading advertisers. While I feel bad for those I've had a good debate with, ET is not for serious traders. So I want my presence gone from here. And I am one of the few on this site that actually trades real money.

    I rather have my history deleted from here unfortunately though.. this is also not my first request.

    I think ET is afraid to delete me because I've posted some good material... mainly in the Econ and Prop forums. I thought ET was good for something (besides Purescam ads) at one point. For this reason they are scared to ban me.... they don't want to lose that stuff.

    If ET wants to prove otherwise though, please delete and ban me.
  4. But the site is a forum, the content is provided by the posters who dont work for the site, so laying the blame of content on the administration may not be fair.

    As far as your posts are concerned, if you haven't used your real name then I dont see how things will get traced to you. If you stop posting now, within a few weeks your posts will get buried and will only show up to someone who is specifically searching for it.

  5. Aaaaahahaha! Funny!
    Monty21, maybe ET can give a different poster name to each of your posts in all the threads, now no one can see it is one person, and no thread look like people talk to themselves. :D
  6. Lucrum


    Oh no Landis82 is the only REAL trader here. If you don't believe just ask him. He'll tell you.

    A little full of yourself are you monty?
    They've deleted much better stuff than yours just because it was dated.
    I'm not even a neo-con and I agree with you.

    Looks to me like TheFullMonty lost yet another debate, and rather than just stop logging on and posting he'd rather be a drama queen.

    Please allow me make a personal appeal to the administration on your behalf.

    Baron and or Joe,
    I would like to respectfully request that you delete this poor pitiful bastards account and posts. For the Love of God, for the sake of mankind, for crying out loud! I'm begging you, will you please give this drama queen what he wants?

    Thank you for your time.
  7. Lucrum, maybe Monty will be trading money for (other people) in his future, so he does not want his politics and trading confused if someone see elite trader.
    P.S. I think Landis82 is the real trader.
  8. Lucrum is one of the neo-cons that I've argued with continually... 0% about trading and 100% about politics. And he is referring to Landis because I share some similar ideological views and sometimes I defended Obama... not that I like him.

    Anyways yes... I trade $ for a firm and I have quite an unusual name. I registered here when I was a senior in college so I should've picked another user-name. For these reasons I would like to be banned from this site.

    Thank you
  9. maxpi


    You don't need to be banned, ET has a memory like an aquarium, I'm sure you'll be forgotten in little time at all...

    I go away for months, noboby seems to take any notice of it at all...
  10. Oddly enough, ceasing your behavior of logging onto ET, or simply curtailing whatever compels you to respond to posts, has the exact same net result. Well, minus the drama of course.

    - Spydertrader
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