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  1. Jax


    Anyone give some feed back on the maximum number of contracts you can trade on the ER2 before you begin getting partial fills.
  2. I was hoping someone else would go first....

    I trade 10 at a time with very little problem. I send 5 out on the offer, 5 out on the bid. Give myself a little time and then commit the 5 that doesn't get filled immediately. I'm still working on a plan for next year, but I'm almost certain I'm going to be doing more at a time.
  3. Truff


    i would say 25
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    If you have to trade over 100 contracts at one time, you're probably best moving over to the ES.
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    if you (and i assume you do) have access to T&S, especially for multiple days, you can setup a filter and watch what moves through and what the market is does - preceeding and following the bigger trades. for example, only a few trades today have been 50-lot or bigger. of course with the holidays, that's not shocking. plus, the er2 is just thinner.


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    Thanks to all who answered my original question. This has been a great last thing any one use $ER2IUX?

    I believe it is the Russell 2000 premium symbol, just not sure what it is used for.