ER2 Trend Indicator

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  1. Hey guys,

    If you are able to recognize the indicators I used on price chart I 'll reveal settings :p

    It's a summer game....:eek:

  2. the DAX!

  3. If you are not consistently making money with those indicators, does it really matter what the settings are?
  4. Forget IF :)

    the mini ES

  5. It's funny how both price graphs look similar yet the "indicator" is showing 2 different results (as it's bottoming before it swings higher). No wonder I hate indicators.
  6. Again, you are showing me a one day chart. Prove to us that over the past year you have made money consistently with the indicators, otherwise who really cares what the settings are. You might as well put any moving averages or MACD up there and you will get the same crap.
  7. the mini Dow...


  9. Gold....

  10. Past year? Why?

    Posting these charts I've decided to reveal my trading technique

    ....but... since I 've spent weeks to find that profitable least I want that someone squeeze his mind...a little bit

    Too many failed traders are populating this board

    If they need help I want to see some sweat before :)
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