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  1. Hi Guys ... When does the ER2 trading starts on ICE. Will there be a overlap of ER2 trading between ICE and GLOBEX.

  2. ER2 has been trading on ICE/NYBOT for many months and thus there already is an overlap.
  3. September is the last month trading via globex.
  4. Wow - ICE better start getting the word out then.
    Look at this ANEMIC daily volume for the Russell 2000 emini contract on ICE:
    TF JUN08 200806 2516 20080506
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    the ice is in no hurry to increase volume. I know people who explored market making for the er2 on the ice and the ice is not giving much of an insentive for them. I'm extremely worried because I don't really think the people in charge there know what they are doing or what kind of product they have.

    What other products are other people looking at?

  6. Yes after all, what company wants to make money?
  7. Sounds like they're on thin ice.
  8. Any idea what is the symbol on IB. TF does not seem to work.
  9. You have to enter "RUT" into a market data line and then select the desired contract (TF) from the menu.
  10. Thank you...

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