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Discussion in 'Options' started by osho67, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. ER2 March no quotes on option chain below 692.5. Any explanation?
  2. Xenia


    OER2 MMs do not quote strikes that are too far from the market.
  3. xenia

    This has never happened. They quote upto 0.20 bid.Today it is 3.00 min bid
  4. Xenia


    Hm ..., at least I have never seen them quoting strikes that are far ITM (in the money).
  5. ktm


    Something is amiss. I look at these every day and there are normally MMs at these levels, or at least a few stray orders. The spread may be $5, but someone is nearly always there.

    There may be a glitch somewhere.
  6. ktm


    Do you have IB?

    I just tried throwing some small orders out for puts that were not quoted and all the orders froze and were never displayed or made active. I am too busy to call them at the moment...wondering if this is an IB issue or exchange issue???
  7. ktm


    ER2 quotes at lower strikes seem to be working fine today.
  8. KTM

    all my quotes are working on ER2. no problem like yesterday

    Xenia- Have a look today-far out of the money quotes are there.
  9. Xenia


    Yes, they have lots of quotes today.
  10. Do you trade ER2 ? Itr is a great product. I sell lots of option very far out of the money..What do you trade futures options?
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