ER2 no longer tracks the YM,ES,NQ

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  1. if you have been seems as if the ER2 has a "mind of its own" for strong divergences from the ES,NQ & YM...this will offer great trade setups for those trading the ER2...of course this is my opinion...therin lies a your DD...IncreaseNow!
  2. small caps often trade differently than large cap stocks.
  3. when do you find they "follow" and when do you find "they have a mind of their own"?
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    That question is like asking when will the preachers daughter come out. Subjective. In time you will know some things are just useless to watch, in fact MOST things are useless to watch. .. :p
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  6. Since ER2 has now moved to ICE it no longer tracks these other instruments which trade on CME :p
  7. thanks!!!!
  8. I believe small-caps are more influenced by the fed decision. Large caps will have more influence by employment numbers and other macro stuff.
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    I think it is a disadvantage if they dont track the three amigos.