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  1. some of my background: trading options in one form or another since 1994. using ib since 2000. i will maintain this journal as long as there is interest in it and my account allows it. i will not put new money in if there is a draw down, but i do withdraw by wire monthly. i will fully updated all. if there are any suggestions on how i report p/l and other stuff, please feel free to guide me. i really want to help myself and others succeed.

    account value:83,355.31

    positions: all er2 and short

    sept 06 615 put -10 @ 3.73 value .70

    sept 06 610 put -10 @ 2.86 value .55

    sept 06 762.5 call -10 @ 1 value 1.4

    sept 06 760 call -10 @ 1.3 value 1.65

    sept 06 750 call -10 @ 1.8 value 3.1

    obviously as this journal continues the positions will be practically realtime and hopefully good commentary will ensue. i do buy back most positions when i see profit or danger. generally when my shorts are in danger i will first roll out a month and change the strike; you all will probably see. there are no other positions in this account. i look forward to constructive feedback. i never thought the idea of a public journal was a good idea ...until i saw the success and personal growth of optioncoach and cache(and others).. even riskarb, except in his case i am not sure if he is helping himself or if he is really helping us! thanks to all.
  2. I am very interested in your journal as I write naked options in rut and iwm.

    Do you mind to share with us the margin requirement for each position?
  3. How do you calculate the spam margin requirements for your naked position?

    Did you put the position on in one day?
  4. yip, the span margin changes constantly. at present time, there is approximately 52,000 taken span. i have had it go up close to max once early on, what i have done is roll to the next month and further away. in that case i was credit positive and reduced span tremendously. with the puts i am generally 12 to 14% out when put on. as we all know, the calls are more difficult to go that far out. i just feel that going farther out and not having complex orders is easier to manage than spreads.
  5. since understanding span margin is very difficult; maybe some updates will help when positions have not changed.
    my positions are the same as first posted, yet my margin set aside has change to: 26460.66. very important also is that after hours it goes up.
    current positions were put on at different times.
  6. wow. Your margin req has reduced by 50% already in a couple of days! So you can open more positions if you wish?
  7. lol, yes! The wonders of delta-haircut! SELL MO PREMO!
  8. Will they liquidate your position after regular trading hours if the margin goes up to a point that you get a margin call?
  9. thanks for not letting me down.

    yip, it can get very intoxicating. get me a 25pt move in a few days and i am possibly rolling with these existing positions.

    risk, i have been at this a long time, just now i have decided to make this a living to be(key phrase) , instead of spending money.
  10. Nah, my sarcasm wasn't really aimed at you or Yip. Just having a little fun.
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