Er2 Market Calls & Commentary

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by lolo24ca, May 12, 2006.

  1. the market is just below the weekly S2 (749.70). IF broken, it might go up to the 755 level
  2. another thing....the long uptrend has been broken, but the market found support at 748.1 (monthly S1)....are we heading down or this will bounce back next week
  3. looks like it's gonna drop again

    Short: 736.6

    target: near 732

    in case the market goes up,

    long: 747.6

    target: 751

    using min of 2pts stop loss

    good luck and and good trading to you all :D
  4. well well .......I don't see the er2 going back up before hitting the 720.00-725.00 range. :p ..WOW
  5. market calls for may16



    short: 736.6

    target: 732.1

    good trading to you all and good luck :)
  6. nice penant on the 60min chart.... market should resume it's up trend IF..IF 746.00 level is broken...
  7. jessop


    A sweet retest of 736.50 level today too....

    Lolo - How did your short and long limit orders work today ?

    As you say 747 is the real test for the next session or two.

    Nice thread....


  8. my short didn't work at all. lost 2pts

    but my long was good. I was looking for 747.8, but settle for 744.5 ...
  9. market calls for may 17

    long: 741.10

    target1: near 744.40
    target2: near 749.20



    tomorrow might a boring trading day.the market MIGHT move between 739.1 and 745.If the daily pp is broken, it might retest the 735 level again. Should be perfect for scalpers. But the ER2 have prove me wrong before!! we'll see.

    good luck and good trading to you all
  10. told you :p
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