ER2 Leading Indicators?

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    Once again, I gotta thank MacroEvent (who has also helped me in the past).
    Not too many people are willing to divulge anything about their personal trading style/strategy on E.T., especially without a certain level of vagueness.
    Based on what Macro mentioned: it was spot-on, which was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again.
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  2. I've been watching TICK this morning, seein how it reacts at support and resistance on ES.

    For example, price action approached a resistance level, got very close, then suddenly the TICK started to drop from around 500 to about 150. *Then* the price fell.

    I'll need to see this over and over to believe it, but I think maybe I'm amazed.
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  3. Wow, all the articles I've read about TICK recently have said that 1000 is overbought. They're right. I was always afraid of counter-trend trades but using TICK gives pretty good guidance on when a trend is topping or bottoming at least short term.

    I watched as TICK pegged above 1000 and began to subside. A short at that point would have been good for about 2 ES points.
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  4. no i only watch the NYSE TICK on a 5 minute chart as that works just fine for me --- the plotting of the TICK is the same speed regardless of the timeframe you use --- hope that helps.
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  5. yes it works extremely well once you get a feel for the TICK --- today for instance i am up 137 ticks on the russell for the size i am trading {$1370.00 per contract} ---- not too shabby! :D
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  6. i use Esignal for my er2 trading {works well enough} --- which is actually quite slow compared to Realtick and CQG. There are others out there but you will have to do some research.

    i will also say that you should not use the Esignal datafeed for any TICK based automated trading {too slow} --- do some good research and you will find others that plot at a faster pace then Esignal. :)
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  7. Okay then, you use Esignal, and you monitor ticks, however we shouldnt use Esignal for any Tick related signal because they are too slow?:D

    heehee, I love this. Yep, thats not vague at all. What a generous guy. This way you have a bunch of newbies struggling along trying to make trades on a system that puts them right behind you in the queue.

    Alright, look folks, $tick on Esignal updates every 6 seconds. That is too slow for decisions based on tick as your only indicator. However you can subscribe to another $tick at Esignal that updates faster. Also you can go to DTN or CQG who both have faster setups. Of the two, DTN is cheaper.

    One more thing. If you only monitor $tick you will get your ass handed to you. You must have the $tick and $ticki (Dow30 tick) both in front of you so you can see them together. If you watch only the $tick and you go long or short based on that, you can get caught on the wrong side of a program trade (signaled by the $ticki). By the time you hit the eject button you have taken a significant loss. It would help to be able to read the $prem also.

    Have to wonder why people who (supposedly) know what they are talking about cant just say it like it is. On second thought, I am pretty sure I understand why after all.

    Good luck folks
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  8. if you had read properly you would have seen that i said the Esignal feed is not good enough for "automated" trading usage ---- and i did say that i use Esignal for my manual ER2 trading.

    you have to wake up and read ---- the use of Esignal {which many here seem to use} is used for the purpose of my comments to be a guide as to what to do --- what feed a person ultimately uses is their own business.

    i have also in other posts mentioned that i use for another way to see buy/sell programs for my ES trading, so get your mind positive and enjoy the day ---- it should have been a good one, it was for me! :D
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  9. Yes I did read your comments, but found them misleading. In addition, new traders would not benefit from your wise counsel since few of them are "automated" traders. Finally, if the signal feed is too slow, it doesn't matter whether they are automated or discretionary, they will still be on the short end of the trades that you say are making you money.

    I think my head is in a find place thank you. Next time, fill in the gaps instead of crowing about your success while setting up the newbies like cannon fodder.

    Good day
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  10. 137 ticks per contract with the er2 today using Esignal $TICK data is using exactly what i have mentioned to be profitable --- no high dollar special data feed was needed.

    btw, your logic is all messed up --- if i was trying to "set-up" the newbies for cannon fodder i would have said, "use Esignal everyone, works great and there is no better datafeed for watching the $TICK". what i actually did was tell the truth, that hey i use Esignal for my manual trading but that Esignal is not the fastest datafeed out there -- there are other options. traders here at ET are all big boys and they can make their own datafeed decisions ---- the discussion is the use of the $TICK and not me pumping them with what datafeed they MUST use.

    see i do not assume everyone here is a loser that needs to be coddled --- i approach this as, "hey, this is what i do for trading the er2" -- nothing more and nothing less. i feel that when i mention that Esignal is not the fastest gun in the west, a trader can then use his own brains to make his own datafeed decisions.

    my "TICK data" postings here are very clear ---- CRYSTAL!
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