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  1. Eric J

    Eric J

    The goal here is to document the trades I take on the ER2 . I use a strategy runner simulator and Esignal for data. Here is what I did today in EST .

    800 hrs buy 716.9 stop 1.4 pt result- breakeven

    901 hrs buy 708.8 stop 1.2 pt result- +9 ticks

    958 hrs sell 716.7 stop 2 pts result-breakeven

    1102 hrs buy 715.7 stop 3.2 pts result- -3.2 pts

    1113 hrs buy 712 stop 8 ticks result- +2.6 pts

    1516 hrs buy 705.6 stop 2pts result- +1 pt

    1529 hrs buy 704.5 stop 1.7 pts result- breakeven

    The 1102 trade was real damaging and I know the stop was too much to give . I should try to trade in the direction of the trend of a longer time frame . The signals I take are on a 10 or 15 min chart . The 10 min. signals to sell were all winners today . So todays lesson is to stay objective while favoring trend , I'll try again tomorrow .

    BTW - I have been involved with Eminis for 2 years so far and like most people I blew up a live account , refinanced it and blew it up again . Today and for the last 2 months or so are much improved over last year .When I do get a consistent uptrending equity curve on a simulator I plan to fund an account with money I break my ass for and risk no more than 2% on each trade . I enjoy trading and am willing to put in A LOT of time and effort to succeed . I welcome any constructive criticism and especially the barbed blabber I see some dishing out .

  2. Eric J

    Eric J

    I have a stop sell order placed at 781.6 , 3.5 pt stop with a target of 684 . If filled , I'll watch for a chance to lock in a profit before the bell .
  3. ganesh6


    Nice, Good luck.
  4. Eric J

    Eric J

    Todays trades are as follows ( in EST ) .....

    940 hrs sell 701.6 stop 3.5 pt result- breakeven

    1000 hrs buy 702.2 stop 1.2 pt result +2.3 pt

    1013 hrs sell 705.6 stop 2.2 pt result- +1pt

    The stop sell I had overnight triggered after the bell . Price traded lower than the low of yesterday and stopped me in short ( 940 hrs ) . There were 2+ pts on the table on this trade . When price is moving quickly like most opening bell moves I should try to capture gains more efficiently . Trailing the stop or using targets dont get me the maximum potential profits .

    The 1000 trade was a fade of the 900 hrs 60 min. candle . The fade entries seem to work well because I always play them with a tight reasonable stop above/below the price or support/resistance .

    I have to leave early today . If there is any advice about these trades please let me know I'd appreciate it .
  5. Schaefer


    Hi Eric, you may get more constructive responses, if you actually post charts, mark your entries/exits, and a little bit about your reasonings.

    As it stands now, most of the profitable traders aren't going to take their time, plot your time and sales on their charts, analyze, and critique the trades for you.

    Good luck :)
  6. Eric J

    Eric J

    Thats constructive , and you're correct . I just got the thread started and need to learn how to posts charts . I'll start on that and share whatever I can , thanks .
  7. Eric J

    Eric J

    Heres the trades I took today in EST ....

    624 hrs sell 691.4 stop 1.7 pts result- +7 ticks

    837 hrs buy 688.1 stop 2.6 pts result- breakeven

    938 hrs sell 696.7 stop 1 pt result- +1 pt

    ALL these trades had much more profit potential than what I captured . What I want to do is try to at least capture as much as any trade went against me . For example , the 837 hrs trade had gone against me 1.4 pts then had 1.7 pts profit potential when I moved the stop to breakeven . Capturing the 1.4 pts it went against me was no problem on this one . I'll work on that in the coming days .

    I cant stay today , I have to go and dig clams this morning for orders . I am a shellfish digger/ fish wholesaler here on Long Island , New York . Freezing half to death and just making enough to survive is a good motivation to trade well . Its a much nicer environment in my office in front of a screen , nice and warm .
  8. Eric J

    Eric J

    Entered short at 1953 hrs yesterday evening stop 3.5 pt and adjusted stop to 2.5 pt (515 hrs). Stop is now above PC and PH . Entered when 15 and 30 min. stoch traced through overbought area and passed down below 70 . Price traded sideways and a sell signal on the 10.15,30 and 60 min triggered at 400 hrs .
  9. Eric J

    Eric J

    Heres the trades I took today in EST.......

    1953 hrs sell 705 stop 3.5 pt result- +2.8 pts

    942 hrs buy 700.3 stop 1 pt result- +3 pts

    Its Friday and I have a fair gain so I'll watch the day unfold and just take notes . This week I saw some good setups on longer timeframes that triggered overnight . I was up at 4 AM EST everyday to watch the market and did ok .
  10. Eric...great trading!
    how many ER2contracts per trade?
    you trade the ER2 before regular market open? not the bid/ask spread to wide?...thanks...
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