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    What are the market Internals for the ER2. NYSE TICK?
  2. ER2 as in the Russell 2000 has a volatility index, advance decline line index, trin index and a tick index.

    All the above are the market breadth indexes (market internals) for the Russell 2000 or ER2.

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    where can i find these symbols?
  4. Who is your data vendor?

    My point, its different from one data vendor to the next.

    I use three data vendors and all three have different symbols.


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    esignal, ill find out. thanks though.
  6. john99


    I can't find ER2 internals with Interactive brokers. I don't think they have it. Am I right?(anyone else..)
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    The advance/decline line, trin and tick etc are compiled and distributed by exchanges and are therefore not index specific. The VIX(s) are however index specific but there isn't one for the R2k. The only R2k specific internal I know of is a $PREM equivalent distributed by DTN.

  8. i trade (mostly) the dow futures

    i find the NYSE advance/decline (breadth), the NYSE TICK and the NYSE TRIN to be the most useful


    there is one index specific internal i am aware of : the TIKI.

    this is like a tick, but only uses the 30 dow stocks

    IB does not have TIKI data
  9. Who is your data vendor Mark, i am thinking of switching to them if they have these indicators on the Russell 2000 index...



    HAVE STOP <img src=""> WILL TRADE
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    I stand corrected - the TIKI is indeed index specific. I'll crawl back in my hole.
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