ER2 getting thinner...

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Gonz, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Gonz


    it seem er2 market makers getting lesser.. the price done between transactions jumped > 2 ticks quite frequently nowadays.

    any reason y?
  2. bh_prop


    Later this summer R2k will be traded on ICE instead of CME. I would imagine that ER2 loses a few daytraders each day as they move to alternative contracts
  3. Summertime slowness. I trade a variety of markets (including the ER2) and noticed this last summer, especially after July 4. I doubt it's the beginning of a trend, just something that happens this time of year due to vacations, etc.
  4. minmike


    You must not have been trading the ER2 very long. It seems as thick as it ever was to me. Hopefully some people will go trade something else. It was much more profitable a couple of years back.
  5. it is over for the ER2...the ES is the best
  6. amiindew


    Why? The ER2 has become very popular over the last 2 years....will traders just stop trading it cause it's moving to ICE?
  7. Gonz


    ES too thick for me... dunno how to trade lol :D
  8. mde2004


    ICE will take daytraders out.
  9. Here is a big FU to ICE. Now that the merger didnt go a lot of traders are still going to have to get there feed for one product.
  10. amiindew


    Can you elaborate why that is please?
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