ER2 - Esignal Ice Exchange Data Pricing

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  1. With the ER2's changeover to ICE can esignal please clarify the pricing

    From Esignal's exchange pricing page

    ICE Futures: Indices New! $0

    But on this hyperlinked note: † In addition to exchange fees, eSignal Premier requires a $ 25 monthly futures add-on charge for monthly and annual prepay subscriptions. If you select any futures exchanges other than the CME E-minis, CBOT Mini-Sized Futures, Eurex US, marketprofile or OneChicago, a $ 25 monthly fee will be charged.

    Hopefully Scott from esignal can clarify for all ET members if the $25/month will be charged, also the ER2 symbol on ICE.

  2. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    That note needs to be updated so thanks for pointing that out. The new ICE Futures: Indices package does NOT currently require the $25 add-on fee.


    P.S. The symbol for Russell 2000 Mini is TF. Here's a list of all the symbols in this new ICE package.
  3. Thanks Scott
  4. ER2 - TF Z8