ER2 combo

Discussion in 'Options' started by osho67, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Yesterday for the first time I tried to do a combo (put side) and combo quotes were 60 bid 100 ask. I amended 60 to 80 and transmitted the order. The order was not accepted and was getting wiped out. The order was at limit. Broker IB.

    Can the exchange do like this? I do same thing for FTSE and my order remains pending till it is filled or removed at the end of day

    Does this mean exchange will only accept order at bid or ask?

    Help much appreciated. Thanks
  2. What exchange, what market. Was the market open at the time? Was it a futures contract with a limit move?
  3. This was a options contract. The exchange is globex and the trade was attempted during market hours.
  4. I've not found an option combo order that will work on Globex at IB. I'm guessing it's a limitation of IB since eCBOT and Globex promote heavily their combos.
  5. how to trade their combos? You need some broker to handle the order. Thanks for your input
  6. Send a message to IB's support desk. Maybe it's just a bug? Otherwise, I don't have any recommendations for native combos.