ER2 and CME S&P Small Cap 600

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  1. I recall ER2 is supposed to move to ICE by fall of 2008. The last contract IB shows is September 2008 though, no mention of e.g. a Dec 2008 contract at all.

    Now the CME replacement for the ER2 - the S&P Small Cap 600 - is trading on GLOBEX during RTH (IB symbol tree 'SMC') and while the spread is wide still it's good enough for my purpose, but I see no corresponding future options listed in IB :confused:

    Any input as to when/if SMC will start trading futures options?
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  3. <i>"just have to wait and see where the money goes."</i>

    You should check out the SPM thread in here... written by a long-time Jack Hershey protege`. Brilliant guy from Australia, and from what the ladies say must quite the looker, too :D


    Midcap still trades around 20k volume daily, even a 1-lot will slip on many fills. Forget about 5-lots or bigger in that symbol for now.

    I would imagine the ER shift will come like everything else in life... at the absolute last minute when the hands are forced. Steady as she goes until then. Those who prepare for a change are vastly outnumbered by those who won't change until the exact day when there is no choice.
  4. <i>"I need at least 20 cars and the only option at the moment is 40 to 50 cars on the NQ and ES, and they just don't track as well."</i>

    ER is a very different emini from the others... only those who have traded it and ES/YM can understand the actual differences. Right now there is no match to the ER, just the other existing choices. Remains to be seen what transitions later this year. I expect it'll happen in a flurry, we'll soon learn how it all settles out.

    ER is great for catching +$300 ~ +$800 per contract swings on limited size. The other $$ choice would be $200 ~ $400 per contract swings in ES with much bigger size.

    The ER swings happen more often and straighter than ES swings, but both exist every day. ES demands much more patience than ER does, which is good or bad depending on our personality match.
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    I tend to agree with you on this Austin. I suspected we would see a slow shift in volume out of ER into EMD and so far this is not happening. Guess we are all waiting for EMD to show at least an adequate daily trading volume before switching.

  6. best subsitutes for ER2 are CL (large) and DAX...
  7. how would you know? YOu are a complete noobie right?

  8. no...