equity traders making over 100k

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  1. just curious. how many of you guys trade equites only and make over 100k per year? are you guys scalpers,swingers ect...?
  2. well....
  3. Im a swinger...whats you wife look like.
  4. Pure scalper, rarely did I hold trades for more than a few minutes.

  5. no response, theirs your answer, the goal of 100 k per year is the goal, maybe easier said than done.
  6. scalp, momentum, swing, position. depends on ther circumstances.
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    day trader on futures, am I wanted on equity thread, ah who cares, here I am

    by the way my hat is off to scalpers

    I tried it, its a whole lot of work,

    but scalping can only get you so far,

    sure you can make a decent living, but try making 50 mil

    it would take a long, long clickin time
  8. Midas


    1 to 3 days hold time.
  9. has anyone earned over 100 k per year only trading?
  10. Yes, thats why I answered the thread starters question :)

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