Equity Trader/Investor sought

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  1. I am seeking a competent highly intelligent individual who can assist me in my trading operations. Research and tradings skill are necessary with a proven track record. My ideal person would be able to strategize with me, be familiar with daytrading, swing trading, and investment, and execute my strategies. You should have the ability to be able to formulate and enact your own strategies in a profitable and prudent manner. Risk management principles are integral.

    I will capitalize.

    Pay is performance based - a straight cut of the net profits per year, payable monthly.

    Candidates should have a degree and at least 2 years robust trading experience, with a keen interest and knowledge in the markets.

    Office in Norwalk. This is NOT a remote
    position. It is hands on, at my side.

    Forward resumes and letters to crescercapital@sbcglobal.net. Please provide as full a description of your skillset, interests, accomplishments, and goals.

    Disregard the handle. I am neither a Jane, nor a one legged person.