Equity Trader Alert #2018 - 3 Nasdaq to Implement the Midpoint Extended Life Order

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  1. Kinda interesting.

    Subject to SEC approval, on March 12, 2018, The Nasdaq Stock Market (“Nasdaq”) will introduce the Midpoint Extended Life Order (M-ELO).

    M-ELO is a new order type that is designed to attract and unite counterparties with longer-term investment horizons. M-ELO orders will only execute against other M-ELO orders at the midpoint of the NBBO. For more information regarding M-ELO please click here.

    As announced in Equity Technical Update #2017 - 5, entering an M-ELO requires a new Cross Type code of “E” and a Display instruction of “M

    Cross Type / Cross Trade Flag (FIX) Explanation
    E Extended Life Order
    Nasdaq will also add a new liquidity code on all M-ELO executions.

    Liquidity Code Description
    n Midpoint Extended Life Order Execution
    Testing Opportunities
    Testing is currently available in the Nasdaq Testing Facility (NTF). Production testing will be available during the February 3 and March 10 UAT.
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    Instead of a "Dark Pool",
    NASDAQ responds with a "More Light" Pool.....
    Good for them.

    I'll bet it gets business, too -- all of the higher price-elastic buyers+sellers, who don't mind an order hanging out a while.... Would be interesting to see when those Mello quotes are inside the NBBO, coincident with, or outside the NBBO. There's a few papers/research proposals to be had here.
  3. As a former Knicks fan I can tell you MELO won't execute with others and will cost more with no added benefit.
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    Stratified liquidity is fucking stupid. Schemes like this only serve to break markets further then they already are.
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    Midpoint pound-me-in-the-ass order.
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    I agree with your greater point, but I don't think it'd apply in this case -- no different than Mkt/Limit/Mid orders .....