equity to prop futures in nyc

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mrmoose, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. mrmoose


    I am a successful prop equity trader who is looking to transition to prop futures does anyone know what shops in NYC hire people with equity experience and transition them to futures or fx.
  2. Certain firms will let you trade futures, but they won't teach you or guide you. ETG lets prop traders trade futures.

    Also, on the NYMERC, a guy named Fishman or something close to that has an operation upstairs that they train you to trade futures.
  3. Try GHCO.com, they seem to have a prop futures operation in NYC.

    Also, Refco trading services has one also...
  4. Out of pure curiousity, do you think there is higher potential in prop futures?

    I am honestly not sure. I've long considered prop equities but the in the prop futures arena success seems more hit-and-miss. I know there are exceptions however, lilke "The Flipper"

  5. What would be the purpose of trading futures at a prop shop? You give up the tax advantage, which is the single best reason to trade them IMO.

  6. In this market, it is hard to see these two phrases (believeably) used together.

    But, if you're really successful, then stay with it and don't leverage. Have you ever seen a pro footballer succeed at anything other than tackling a target? Yes, rarely, and that's an appropriate estimation of your transition success expectation.