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  1. ilcaa


    Anyone have advice on the best software to scalp equities...

    i am leaving my firm and trying to find a replacement order execution software with good visual representation of Order book and time/sales

    speed is essential and presentation and analysis of Open Book and Order Book, Time and Sales (NYSE. ECN or level II as its called)

    thanks for the help
  2. Laser
    ML Pro
    Sterling Trader Pro

    ... just to name a few.
  3. billp


    jmowery or any others who use laser,

    For Laser, am I able to see the historical time and sales (example a couple of days ago) for stocks. If so how can it be done? Thanks.
  4. I don't believe it is possible.

    To be honest I don't think any of those softwares allow it to be done.

    Maybe Merril Pro, but I have not had experience with that platform.

    I have not seen that ability in laser though.

    ProphetX I believe might have this capability.
  5. billp


    thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated.

    Seems that I have to go back to esignal or keep searching
  6. with ib u can go back a full year of time and sales, not user friendly to click on the chart to see 'em but the feature is there+api is pretty good, i heard.
  7. billp



    Thanks for the feedback. But I was thinking of opening an account with MB instead as I do cancel quite a bit of my orders and I hate it when I'm being charged for it.

    The most important thing I need currently is a good time and sales (with historical data of at least 10 days) and an ok Level II. Charts I can still forgo as I can see them from my current broker. Any recommendations (besides CQG and qcharts)?

    Does anyone know whether DTN IQ data still show a lot of 'fake' spikes?

    Is prophetnet time and sales realiable?


    PS: Only trade stocks, not futures
  8. cancle fees apply only to options, if u trade the common u wont be charged a dime with ib.. mb commish are double than ib and to be fair smart routin' is very likely to save u a bunch of cash if u trade some size..the algo is pretty much designed to get u price improvement most of the times.
  9. billp


    thanks for clearing up that the cancellation fees only apply to options:)
  10. billp



    Some more questions. Is IB time and sales reliable? Do they lump size together on the tape? Do they have missing prints (ie no prints for a couple of seconds to a few minutes as Esignal tends to have)? Also do they have false spikes?

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