Equity Runs ---- Help needed from CTA.

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    Equity Runs ---- Help needed from CTA.

    If you are a CTA now and if you have many client accounts with many FCMs, how do you obtain a daily account balance from all or such accounts in many FCM?

    1. Login in each accounts to obtain all daily statements --- this option request a CTA to long FCMs. If the number of accounts/FCMs is not big, it may be ok, but once you have many accounts/FCMs, this may be come problem.
    2. Use some kind of commercial software for CTA/CPO to automatically login all such accounts/FCMS to collect the daily statements ---- what software or service provides this feature?
    3. Use some type of “equity run” --- such as keep track the initial account balance (when account was open) and P/L or deposit/withdraw, etc to decide what the account balance current is ----- how do you take interest into consideration? What happen if client withdraw/deposit money and forget to tell you?
    4. Any other options?

    If you are a CTA, would you mind to share how do you do that?

    Thanks in advance.