Equity Prop Shops / Arcades in Europe?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mapuata, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. mapuata


    Having been successful in the trading business for more than 5 years now (futures) I have started looking closer at cash equities (mainly because the bread and butter trade has, temporarly(?), been %^&* recently) but have not been able to find any prop shops (similar ones to Echo or Bright in the US) in the equity space in Europe...

    my fault or is there a reason for the lack of options?

  2. Yeah, I've looked and there doesn't seem to be many, at least publicly advertised ones. I've heard that CH has a handful, but they generally only advertise locally. Amsterdam has a couple that I know about as well. They seem to be more into equities options than cash equities however. Anyhow, I'd be curious to hear what you find.

  3. I have had trouble finding any outside of the UK, I have heard that there are a lot in Germany but to date I havn't been able to identify any. I did post a similar question here some time ago and the only reply I got was 'search google' which was hardly the answer I was looking for. My guess is that where they exist they dont have an english website and are therefore hard to locate doing an english language web search.
  4. DPTrader


    I've been talking with europrop trading, they are in spain, they offer really good rates for remote traders, - 0.12 to 0.07/1000 shares for equities ! Anyone knows them ?