Equity Prop Firms?

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  1. Are there any reputable online equity prop firms?
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  3. he said equity
  4. Hey @BearTrades

    I have now been with https://integratrade.com/ for a good few years. The time I really needed quality from a prop firm was when I first joined one.

    I had joined a prop for some of the advantages it provides. However, with most prop firms, things "change" once you've joined. That was my biggest fear as it just meant wasted time and $$$.

    Pls. search my posts with Integra and you will see some other reviews about them that I have posted. They all hold true till today, as I am still with them and very little has changed.

    The only reason I recommend them is because as retail traders, we always get the short end of the stick. This outfit is one where it comes as they advertise.

    Wishing you the best Bear!.
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  5. Thanks I’ll check em out.
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